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Wild hare up your ass

Slick Hare is a Merrie Melodies Bugs Bunny cartoon, directed by Friz bernin.info parodies the Mocambo nightclub in Los Angeles—in the .

#1 Wild hare up your ass

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Wild hare up your ass

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Wild hare up your ass

Colloquialism help

I can only offer you my opinion on it by comparing it to a somewhat relative saying: stick up the ass. When someone is described as that, they're. have a wild hair up one's ass. 1. tv. to act in a hyperactive and energetic manner. (Usually objectionable.) She has a wild hair up her ass about something. I don't. A WILD HERR.A crucial question from the previous post: is the proper idiom " wild hair up his butt" or "wild hare up his butt"? The latter sounds. To have a wild hair (up one's butt) is a vulgar expression indicating an the phrase “up your ass” ergo I think it refers to a follicle of human hair located in the . Either "he went off on a wild hare," which suggests suddenly following a long- eared critter, or "he got a wild hair up his ass," which suggests.

Crazy Ass Hair

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