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Velox rim strips

Rim tape is something you don't think about and, if you're lucky, something that you don't even see all that often. But if it fails, you are going to be walking home.

#1 Velox rim strips

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Velox rim strips

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Velox rim strips

Velox Rim Tape

Velox Rim Tape Cloth - Lowest Prices and FREE shipping available from The World's largest online bike store - Chain Reaction Cycles. Velox Fond de Jante adhesive rim tape sets the industry standard. The reinforced cotton/polyester adhesive tape with a pre-cut valve hole is available in 17mm. These adhesive-backed cotton strips help protect tubes from spoke ends. Velox is the standard rim tape sought after by many riders. Its survived the test of time and has remained the gold standard for longevity and quality. While its a. Velox Rim Tape - 22mm Cloth rim tape to cover spoke holes. Used in some rims to aid inflation. One roll tapes one rim.

How To Fit Tubular Tyres Using Tub Tape

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