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Swing radio button

First, this section explains the basic button API that AbstractButton defines — and thus all Swing buttons have in common. Next, it describes the small amount of API that JButton adds to that, this section shows you how to use specialized API to implement check boxes and radio buttons.

#1 Swing radio button


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Swing radio button

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Swing radio button

SWING - JRadioButton Class

Kindly try using ButtonGroup component and add two JRadioButton components named male and female to the ButtonGroup object and then. setSelected(true); JRadioButton catButton = new JRadioButton(catString); // Group the radio buttons. ButtonGroup group = new ButtonGroup();. Exemplo: Java Swing - Radio Button. Raw. import*;. import*; bernin.infokAndFeel(" Swing JRadioButton Class - Learn SWING in simple and easy steps starting from The class JRadioButton is an implementation of a radio button - an item that. JRadioButton is a Swing component that represents an item with a state selected or unselected. Usually a group of radio buttons is created to.

How to Use JRadioButton in Java Swing ButtonGroup

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