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Super absorbent hemp diapers See Diapers 6 Pack Hemp Organic Cotton Cloth Diaper Inserts 4 Layers Large: Baby.

#1 Super absorbent hemp diapers

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Super absorbent hemp diapers

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Super absorbent hemp diapers

Absorbency Test: Zorb, Hemp, Bamboo, Cotton MF

Organic hemp cotton; Made of an organic cotton/hemp blend and a total of 4 layers. SUPER thin and very absorbent. Ideal as a doubler with a microfiber insert. Hemp/cotton doublers provide additional absorbency in any cloth diaper. Made in USA. They're nice and thick, and super absorbent. Haven't had a leak since . Many hemp diapersare a combination of cotton and hemp. Hemp diapers are super absorbent and easy to wash. These diapers have a super trim design. I was a staunch supporter of Thirsties Hemp Inserts and while they are still . I'd like to try the sloomb diapers because they look really soft and super absorbent. Wazoodle's cutting-edge textile design department developed a super absorbent product called Zorb. is a huge online retailer of all diaper.

The 5 Best Cloth Diaper Inserts

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