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Spark plug model numbers

Cross reference other manufacturers to NGK, Spark Plug Part-Number Interchange Guide.

#1 Spark plug model numbers


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Spark plug model numbers

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Spark plug model numbers

Numbers tell NGK SPARK PLUG

Below is Denso's spark plug part number decode. This applies to standard copper, platinum and Iridium power plugs. If you find it difficult to read, click on the. F, Center: mm diameter iridium. Ground electrode: mm diameter platinum. P, Platinum plug. S, mm diameter iridium. SV, mm diameter iridium. Suppliers and manufacturer of Spark Plugs, Oxygen Sensors, technical and NTK oxygen sensor products, NTK's expansion to technical sensors is part of our . There is method in the manufacturers' madness though and with a copy of the key a particular manufacturer might use, you'll soon be reading plug part numbers. The first number (8 in this example) indicates the heat range of the spark plug, the higher the number the colder the heat range. Generally.

Spark Plug Types - NGK Spark Plugs - Tech Video

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