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According to The DSM 5, selective mutism is defined as “a consistent failure to speak in social situations in which there is an expectation .

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Selectively mute teen


Selective mutism, a condition that causes children to speak normally in some situations while failing to speak in others, can lead to lots of problems for teenagers. For teenagers whose selective mutism prevents them from speaking in public or around strangers, it can severely. Activities for Selectively Mute Teens. by Jaime Budzienski. Selective mutism usually begins in childhood and is characterized by a child not speaking in certain. The following strategies are designed for you, the parent, to use with your child as s/he begins to tackle selective mutism (SM). These strategies are best used for . Selective Mutism is an anxiety condition that prevents the sufferer from speaking. There is no medical impediment involved, but is an anxiety issue. Given it was my instinct to be mute with key people, I also had fixed emotional rules In the early teenage years, selective mutism is very often.

Understanding and Managing Selective Mutism

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