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Replace asp case sensitive

Definition and Usage. The REPLACE() function replaces a sequence of characters in a string with another set of characters (not case-sensitive).

#1 Replace asp case sensitive

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Replace asp case sensitive

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Replace asp case sensitive

How Can I Compare Two String Values Regardless of Letter Case?

bernin.infoe("delete", ""); If yes, is there something I can do to make it not case sensitive? -smc. I use a replace char function to remove any bad words from user's input to prevent SQL injection. Here is what I use Function. Replace the characters "WORLD" (case-insensitive) in the string "Hello world!" with "Peter": Use the str_replace() function to perform a case-sensitive search. ASP in VBScript provides an extremely useful and easy to use If you want the replace to be case insensitive, you have to execute it as. Dim s As String s = "Chilkat Software, Inc.: A software components company" ' Relace all occurances of a substring, case sensitive s = Replace(s, "software".

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