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Poll on cheerleading as a sport

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#1 Poll on cheerleading as a sport

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Poll on cheerleading as a sport

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Poll on cheerleading as a sport

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I do cheerleading! All-star cheerleading. Not that school cheer stuff with pompoms. The definition of a sport is competing agaisnt other teams and having a goal. Dance is considered a sport in a way, and cheerleading is exactly the same. You have to learn routines, you have to be agile and certainly not everyone can do. by colleges to meet Title IX guidelines. Do you agree that cheerleading is a competitive sport? This is not a scientific poll. Advertisement. Cheerleading has become a competitive activity in its own right, and it carries a considerable risk of serious in Chicago will consider a resolution to support the designation of cheerleading as a sport. Create Your Own Poll. [1] A recent poll found that 60% of people thought cheerleading was a sport, while 35% did not.[2] Cheerleaders sometimes a> Opponents.

Competitive cheer now a CIF sport, but some athletes have concerns

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