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Pertaining to the throat and tongue

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#1 Pertaining to the throat and tongue

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Pertaining to the throat and tongue

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Pertaining to the throat and tongue

Removal of gum tissue. Glossopharyngeal. Pertaining to the tongue and throat. Glycolysis. Breakdown of sugar to release energy in body cells. Hematemesis. Start studying Medical Terminology chapter 6 ()- Mouth, Throat, Tongue, Pertaining to under the tongue. Orolingual. Pertaining to the mouth and tongue. alveolitis. The medical term pertaining to the nose and lacrimal apparatus is [x]. nasolacrimal [x] means pertaining to the throat and tongue. pharyngoglossal. mucus membrane pertaining te the cheek pertaining to below the tongue surgical repair of the throat and palate. Translation for: 'of the pharynx and tongue, pertaining to the tongue and the ( Anatomy) pertaining to an ethmoid (at the base of the skull), bone at the base of the skull . of the throat the connects with the nose and mouth, relating to the throat.

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