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Apr 23,  · A woman from Argentina accused of cutting off her boyfriend’s penis with gardening scissors said she was provoked because he showed his friends their homemade sex tape, according to reports.

#1 Penis being cut off

Rabbi sued for accidentally SEVERING newborn baby boy's penis during a circumcision.

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Penis being cut off

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Penis being cut off

GRAPHIC PICS: Woman 'cut off man’s penis with garden shears after sex tape leak'

Woman 'drugged ex-boyfriend then cut off penis with knife claiming he an emergency call about a man's penis being cut off with a knife. Ever wondered what actually happens when a man's penis is cut off? Like, is it as bad as getting your cervix poked during sex — or worse?. Victim Sergio Fernandez, 40, is said to be suffering from depression after having 90 per cent of his penis chopped off. The blood stained knife used to cut off Suwit Thipjantha's penis, which Man, 31, dies after being attacked in brawl outside pub in Cambridge. Man's penis cut off by wife as punishment for cheating. He refuses to go to hospital for operation because he says he doesn't want to live.

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