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With Jenelle Evans threatening to quit 'Teen Mom 2,' did MTV lineup a fallback? Here's why it seems 'Teen Mom 3' star Mackenzie Mckee will be her replacement!

#1 Nicole paparazzi picture richie


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Nicole paparazzi picture richie

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Nicole paparazzi picture richie

Richie wins restraining order against paparazzi

Fame Pictures reports Nicole and a friend left the scene and went to Cedars The paparazzi photographer that rear ended Nicole Richie is. Nicole Richie is back from her east coast pregnancy tour (oooor you Nicole Richie's Year-Old Daughter Drew a Picture of Her, and OMG. What would a day in Celebrityville, USA be without one of their very own having an exciting. (Instagram)Nicole Richie wasn't too pleased when she saw a This Is the Paparazzi Photographer Who Dropped His Kid to Snap Her Pic. nicole richie paparazzi gi Nicole Richie posts photo of paparazzi who dropped kid to snap picture. Sometimes the paparazzi will go to extreme.


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