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Long underwear wool and silk

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#1 Long underwear wool and silk

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Long underwear wool and silk

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Long underwear wool and silk

Buy Hocosa Men's Long-Underwear Pants in Organic Wool-Silk Blend and other Active Base Layers at Our wide selection is elegible for free. Pick up breathable and warm shirt and leggings baselayers in a vareity of materials including cotton, silk, and merino wool. Crafted with either filament or spun silk, our Original-Weight, Heavy-Weight and Silk/Wool Blend underwear joins unmatched performance with long-wearing. One of the most common synthetic fabrics for long underwear is polyester. Merino wool has almost completely replaced traditional wool thanks to its soft, ultrafine Silk's legendary softness belies the fact that it's a viable base layer option for. Made by Hocosa of Switzerland. Women's long-underwear pants in organic wool/ silk blend. Made of soft, KbT-certified organic organic merino wool.

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