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Jesus did not have a wife

dont get confused every one of you, jesus (yahshua) he is the same god almighty (yahweh), if jesus would have been married (or he had wife), he couldnt have .

#1 Jesus did not have a wife

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Jesus did not have a wife

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Jesus did not have a wife

Sexuality of Jesus

(Ephesians ) If Jesus had actually been married while on earth, would not his perfect example as a literal husband have been used in that verse?. The Christian faith is not based on Jesus's celibacy, but on the Incarnation and the Resurrection. In short, a married man healing the sick. We have uncovered an ancient writing that is encrypted with a hidden There is now written evidence that Jesus was married to Mary the Having said this, for the moment, we are not asserting that our text is historical fact. No, Jesus Did Not Have a Wife. Monday, June 20, @ PM. No, Jesus Did Not Have a Wife Bryan Fischer Host of "Focal Point" MORE. Read Who Jesus is Not by Jesus was not married and more articles Da Vinci Code," Jesus is said to have been married to Mary Magdalene.

"Jesus said to them, my wife."

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