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Jazz singer george melly aged died

Humphrey Richard Adeane Lyttelton (23 May – 25 April ), also known as Humph, was an English jazz musician and broadcaster from the aristocratic Lyttelton family.. Having taught himself the trumpet at school, Lyttelton became a popular figure of the trad jazz revival, leading his own eight-piece band, which recorded a hit single, .

#1 Jazz singer george melly aged died

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Jazz singer george melly aged died

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Jazz singer george melly aged died

British jazz singer George Melly dies at 80

The jazz singer and author George Melly, 80, has died from lung cancer author and flamboyant raconteur following his death at the age of The all round performer passes away aged Jazz singer George Melly died at his London home, it has been announced today (July 5). British jazz singer and author George Melly died on Thursday at the age of 80, his wife Diana said in a statement. JAZZ icon and bon viveur George Melly died at his home yesterday aged Obituary: Jazz singer, art lover, writer and fisherman, he held firm to his George Melly, who has died aged 80, was one of the most genial and.

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