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Jambalaya 10 gal pot

Bayou Classic gal Jambalaya Pots are grand Southern Style cooking equipment that feeds a crowd; 50 to people with serving size ranging from small bowl to full plate.

#1 Jambalaya 10 gal pot

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Jambalaya 10 gal pot

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Jambalaya 10 gal pot

Savor southern comfort food with Bayou Classic Gal Jambalaya Pot. Heavy- gauge cast iron distributes and holds heat for slow cooking classic New Orleans . Bayou Classic Cast Iron 7-gallon Jambalaya Pot. King Kooker /2-Inch Outdoor Cooker with 10 Gallon Cast Iron Jambalaya Pot Package. 10 Gallon Heavy Duty Cast Iron Jambalaya Pot with Feet and Aluminum Lid, Steel Helper Lifting Hooks Box Dimensions: Inch w by Inch d by. The 10 Gallon Jambalaya Pot by Bayou Classic is a three legged cast iron jambalaya pot used for large sized gatherings or for commercial applications. Choose from a range of cast iron jambalaya pots from the 3 gallon flat bottomed cast iron jambalaya pot to the 10 gallon cast iron jambalaya pot. There are. To accurately be able to predict how much of the pot the jambalaya would fill, At 8 or 10 gallons, you start reducing" liquid, Grush said.

Bayou classic 10 gallon jambalaya pot

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