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Install rubber mulch

Description - Our Playground rubber mulch is a long lasting and vibrantly colored option for any playground surface. This cost effective alternative to rubber playground tiles can provide certified fall height protection while saving the environment.

#1 Install rubber mulch


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Install rubber mulch

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Install rubber mulch

Installing rubber mulch can be an easy task to do, especially when you have the right tools and materials. Remember that before you begin, you must prepare. If you ask a group of gardeners what they think about rubber mulch, you'll most likely get a colorful collection of answers. The controversial landscaping material . Remove any excess mulch from your beds and use existing mulch to level the beds. You will get the best coverage over a pre-leveled bed. If you are installing over turf be sure to use a herbicide to kill the grass before installation. If you remove the turf be sure that the area under the. Check out this overview of how to install rubber mulch on a playground.

How to Put Down Rubber Mulch : Planting Tips

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