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Infected hair on an elephants butt

The Incredible Human Body: The human body is defined as the entire structure of a human being and comprises a head, neck, trunk (which includes the thorax and abdomen), arms and hands, legs and feet.

#1 Infected hair on an elephants butt

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Infected hair on an elephants butt

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Infected hair on an elephants butt

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Yes, I did know that. Naturally, it might explain why some dudes are a**holes, and why all those other dudes that hang around them are so easily infected with . I think the meaning of dude is an infected hair on an elephants penis. .. i dont like how he dresses up with them big ass clocks and weird ass hats,but dude be . dude: A pimple on a cow's or elephant's butt. I have heard this several times by I had a teacher who said it was a hair on an elephant's butt. Dude = Nice Guy?[edit]. Hey this article is a little confusing to me. Sure 'dude' historically meant . It is a regular hair on an elephants butt - in the Bangladesh language. .. unique name of dude. there are no dictonaries that have dude as an ingrown hair on any part of the body, or any animals body. the word dude originates. In grade school, it was common knowledge that dude meant 'A hair on an elephant's butt.' Grade school was the late 80s for me, in the.

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