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How to use an anal speculum

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#1 How to use an anal speculum

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How to use an anal speculum

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How to use an anal speculum

An inexpensive and useful anal speculum

Rectal Speculum with 3 Prongs - Duration: Stephen Smith 20, views · 1: How to Insert the Rectal Nozzle for Flushing the Colon. A speculum is a medical device used to examine the body cavities, such as the. Buy Master Series 3-Prong Anal Speculum on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on Measurements: Insert able probes measure inches in length, with a. A rectal speculum combining both a direct and a lateral view without removal and reinsertion of the speculum is of advantage both in examining the rectum and. We use this modified Sims' speculum for a variety of anal procedures including haemorrhoidal ligation in the office, where the patient can attend to handheld.

Ultimate Anal Spreader

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