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Frank iero pees himself

Tyler had apparently forgotten that people need to go to the bathroom themselves and he lost control, peeing himself into his diaper. This caused him to break, sobbing uncontrollably as he wet himself.

#1 Frank iero pees himself

Frank Iero.

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Frank iero pees himself

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Frank iero pees himself

Gerard Way Omorashi Stories

Basically a handful of stories where Gerard Way pisses himself. Credit to Gerard- ways-piss and random-anon-art on tumblr for the amazing artwork!. a compilation of gerard mostly ithink but wetting himself or really having to pee idk that had gee having to pee and frank comforting him and it ade me all jittery like when u Lol I can't imagine what Gerard way would think if he read this XD. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. @FrankIero @1trufel1 to imaginando o frnk segurando a Pea assim e cantando a . @FrankIero - i'd pee myself too if a baboon held me over the edge of a cliff. Gerard Way/Frank Iero. NC "I gotta pee," Gerard tries, gulping air and eyeballing the "Don't," Gerard grunts, curled in tightly on himself.

Adventure Time Finn pees his pants

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