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Flashing light on logitec mouse

A little while ago it appeared that my Logitech MX Revolution had stopped charging. It didn't seem to recognize that it was placed on the charger.

#1 Flashing light on logitec mouse

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Flashing light on logitec mouse

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Flashing light on logitec mouse


Hi there! I have a Logitech Marathon M mouse, and the battery indicator won't stop flashing, ever since this has started, the device has. Edited by LogiDane November 3, at PM. G Prodigy mouse blue light blinking help. Hello! I just bought this mouse last week and i used it for atleast. M battery light keeps blinking and quit working. The mouse is less than 3 months old. I've changed the batteries like 20 times and still does. I've just held down on the right mouse button (and a few others) while powering it on and nothing worked. I've tried various combinations but it. Logitech Cordless Mouse, red light flashing related issues. Get free help, solutions & advice from top Logitech experts.

Logitch performance MX flashing red light problem - asking for solution

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