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Fansub bleach bittorrent

History; Industry; Original net animation; Original video animation; Fansub; Fandub; Companies; Longest series.

#1 Fansub bleach bittorrent

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Fansub bleach bittorrent

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Fansub bleach bittorrent

Bittorrent Dattebayo Fansubs Bleach Direct Download BleachPortal Anime- Subs Black Cat, Blood+, Ergo Proxy, Kage Kara Mamoru and. Results 1 - 50 +. Bleach · (info). C-W. GB. Download. Quality: Video: Audio: Source: Nov. 15, .. by Tokyo Toshokan Fansub DB <3. Bleach 1ª 5ª Temporada Dublado Mkv p Mega/Torrent. ideas about Anime Characters. Kapitel Rückkehr des Gottes Page 22 Bleach manga auf deutsch. A Fan Sub is a fan-produced subtitled version of a foreign-language program not it with the "digisub" distributed as a video file on the Net via BitTorrent or other U.S., only major series like Naruto and Bleach have been heavily fansubbed. Made this thread to lay out one condition to crunchyroll about the Bleach fansubs. I might get banned or this thread might get locked, but if we.

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