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Erect heliconia stricta dwarf jamaica

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#1 Erect heliconia stricta dwarf jamaica


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Erect heliconia stricta dwarf jamaica

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Erect heliconia stricta dwarf jamaica

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Accession #: HEL Family: Heliconiaceae Habit: Erect Herb with Erect Bracts Origin: Guyana Garden Location: Heliconia Trail Heliconiaceae list. Unlike its usual, erect, paddle-leafed, tall-growing counterparts, Heliconia stricta ' Dwarf Jamaican' grows up to only 30 cm to 1m in height. Erect inflorescence with slender rose red bracts spirally arranged. Heliconia stricta- Photo is of "Dwarf Jamaican" which blooms when about 1 ft. to ft. tall. Small heliconias range in height from miniatures just over a foot tall to around 6 feet. Plant habit is erect, from feet tall. . Heliconia stricta 'Dwarf Jamaican'. Heliconia stricta 'Dwarf Jamaican' (Heliconiaceae). 'Dwarf Jamaican' is a is one of the smallest heliconias, growing and flowering only 1 to 2 feet tall. Can grow.

Growing heliconias and maintaining them

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