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Disney teen casting call

Extras are being sought for a Disney movie filming soon in Portland, Oregon. Filming will be in the Portland area from July 27 through September 8. An open casting call will be held by Grant Wilfley Casting on July 8 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the DoubleTree Hotel at NE Multnomah Street in.

#1 Disney teen casting call

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Disney teen casting call

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Disney teen casting call

6 Tips for Getting Cast on the Disney Channel

Are you a child or teen actor (or the parent of one) looking to be on a Occasionally, the Disney Channel will do an open call in different cities. Find out the latest casting info from Disney Channel & XD!. Apply to Disney Channel auditions and casting calls. Updated weekly with new new opportunities to audition to act for The Disney Channel. Disney open casting calls are very popular amongst parents and their children. Children especially love Disney casting calls because this channel is . Do you dream of being on the Disney Channel? If you love everything Disney, there is a new casting call for you! An audition notice for Disney's “Timmy.

Disney Channel Open Call 2014

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