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Developments for 55 and older

The Philadelphia Housing Authority is sensitive to the needs of its older residents. PHA has designated several senior citizens only developments for residents age 55 and older.

#1 Developments for 55 and older

Residences at Eagle Drive.

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Developments for 55 and older

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Developments for 55 and older

New 55+ Communities and Homes!

TYPES OF SENIOR HOUSING. Senior housing includes a wide range of options for yourself or your loved one, from apartments for independent living, to homes for sale or rent; from assisted living, Alzheimer's or memory care, to nursing homes for those who need help with daily living. Those over the age of 55 are not old, many aren't truly retired and very few qualify as “seniors” in a stereotypical sense. So what do they want and need in new. desirable developments around are for those aged 55 and up—and everything—they're now inexorably transforming the idea of older. Looking for 55 senior apartments? Find top senior apartments and 55 communities in your area. Get a free consultation. Find and compare the best 55 plus retirement homes in Canada, also known as These communities are designed with senior couples in mind and tend to.

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