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Cinch strap strings

How To Attach a Latigo to Your Saddle. The latigo (or cinch strap) is a saddle part that wears out quickly with regular use. You should inspect it every time you ride and replace it when it shows signs of wear.

#1 Cinch strap strings

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Cinch strap strings

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Cinch strap strings

Girth (tack)

Here, Tad uses a saddle string to replace a broken connector strap between the "I never use a back cinch without a connector strap to keep the cinch from. Results 1 - 48 of Latigo & Off Billet Nylon 2 Piece Set Tie Strap Horse Tack Cinch Brown 20" Shetland Pony or Mini 9 String Western Rope Girth Cinch. Find great deals on eBay for Latigo Strap in Western Style Cinches. Shop with Burgundy Latigo Saddle String Leather Strap 1/2" X 48" Tandy Leather. Replacement cinch straps, back cinches, off billets in many different colors & lengths are just a few replacement parts . Smart Cinch String Rayon 15 Strand. as well as String & Mohair Girths and Cinches, and easy-care Synthetic Girths. At Greg Grant Saddlery we have over Girths, Cinches and Accessories for Our range of Girth Accessories includes Latigos and Cinches, Girth Straps, Billet .

D'Addario Cinchfit Demo - Removable Magnetic Straplock

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