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Celebrity college graduates

Kimora Lee Simmons Earns College Degree at Same Time Daughter Ming Lee Graduates High School.

#1 Celebrity college graduates

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Celebrity college graduates

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Celebrity college graduates

Where 50 Celebrities Went to College

Jessica Chastain, Viola Davis, John Legend, and Emma Watson are all proud college graduates – and they're not alone. Here are the alma. Celebrities with surprising college degrees. 30 Celebs with Surprising College Majors she tweeted on graduation day. Advertisement. This list rounds up information on teen celebrities who still finished college even after becoming stars. Several young celebrities went on to graduate from. See where Kourtney Kardashian, Whitney Port, Elizabeth Olsen, Rachel McAdams and more of your favorite celebrities went to college. Perhaps the following stars may pleasantly surprise you since they see the true value in a college education. Check out the following celebrities who graduated.

Pinoy Celebrities graduated in College

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