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Can pregnant women eat fish sticks

A pregnant woman must carefully choose the fish in her diet to avoid dangerous contamination with mercury, a neurotoxin. According to the Food and Drug Administration, pregnant women should avoid undercooked or raw shellfish entirely.

#1 Can pregnant women eat fish sticks

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Can pregnant women eat fish sticks

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Can pregnant women eat fish sticks

Certain types of fish off-limits during pregnancy

The only fish you need to avoid completely is shark, marlin and swordfish of oily fish and also tuna and salmon due to high mercury content (you can have All the ones it says are safe to eat are the ones in the fish sticks!. Could mercury in fish put an unborn, newborn, or young child at risk? Should pregnant women eat fish? Fish sticks: Frozen fish sticks and fast-food fish sandwiches are commonly made from fish that are low in mercury. A pregnant woman must carefully choose the fish in her diet to avoid low levels of mercury, and pregnant women can eat six ounces twice a week. convenience foods made from fish, such as fish sticks and breaded fish. Pregnant and nursing women can eat 8 to 12 ounces of Most commercial fish sticks are made from pollock, which is low in mercury. Find out what types of fish are okay to eat during pregnancy. But some types of fish contain more mercury than others and could pose a danger during your pregnancy. Eat these in Fish sticks and fast-food sandwiches are usually made from low-mercury fish. . Are Runny Eggs Back on the Table for Pregnant Women?.

Top 30 Foods To Eat During Pregnancy

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