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Bond option model

This note deals with the question of what the correct volatility inputs to bond option pricing in the South African market are. Some market players use price volatilities.

#1 Bond option model

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Bond option model

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Bond option model

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Options on Bonds: The set-up. • Consider a call option on a zero-coupon bond paying $1 at time. T + s. The maturity of the option is T and the strike is K. Black Scholes bond option pricing. The Black Scholes model can be used under restrictive assumptions, but the constant volatility assumption of the bond price. Plan of Lecture (24a) Bond Options. (24b) Black's Model for European Options. (24c) Pricing Bond Options. (24d) Yield volatilities. (24e) Interest rate options. In this case, the price of a bond option resembles the Black-Scholes of our representation to an extended CIR model with stochastic volatility. Bond options - Introduction and Excel pricing spreadsheets using the Black ( ) model and the Schaefer & Schwartz () model.

Bonds with Options

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