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Blank and slip blinds

Welcome to Steinmans, LLC. At Steinmans, we specialize in the design and fabrication of safety line blinds - also known as safety spade blinds or safety slip blinds.

#1 Blank and slip blinds

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Blank and slip blinds

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Blank and slip blinds

Spade (Paddle Blanks/Blinds)

We have the largest inventory of isolation and hydrotest paddle blinds available for spade blinds, skillet blinds, slip blinds, spec blinds, test blinds and blanks). USA Industries' EZ Vent® Slip Blind is similar to a Paddle Blind, with one major difference. Typical paddle blinds block flow on both sides of your flange, which. We Provide a Large Selection of Paddle Blanks Available in Paddle Blinds in Best Quality. We Keep Bulk Stock of ASME B Paddle Blank for quick delivery. The Klinger Group's vision was to create a worldwide supply of the complete range of industrial sealing and associated products, including slip/spectacle plates. Call this the Bugatti or Rolls Royce of the line blind world. Personally, I have seen that version once or twice somewhere. The version without Raised Face is the.

Line Breaking Safety Training

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