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Trump's campaign denied that the nominee ever walked backstage.

#1 Beauty contestants naked


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Beauty contestants naked

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Beauty contestants naked

WATCH: You’ll NEVER believe what these beauty pageant contestants did on stage

BEAUTY pageant contestants strutted their stuff the catwalk in an array of told Buzzfeed news: “Women can walk out naked if they want to. Miss Naked Beauty is a short-lived, six-episode reality television show produced by Maverick Television, aired on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom. The show, presented by Gok Wan and Myleene Klass, was conceived as a radical "reality" take on beauty pageants. As the owner of two beauty pageants Donald Trump has seen a lot. By his own admission, he was no stranger backstage. CNN's Ed Lavandera. I discovered this video and just love the ambience and vibe. I don't own the copywright, so if the owner would like me to remove or credit them. Donald Trump would allegedly walk in on beauty pageant contestants while they were not dressed, according to recordings released by CNN.

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