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Alien augmentation device

The Bio-Augmentation trope as used in popular culture. The biological counterpart to Cyborging: instead of altering humans to add machine parts, the geeks in .

#1 Alien augmentation device

Categories of aliens that may display Bizarre Alien Biology:.

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Alien augmentation device

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Silicon rubber sleeves

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Alien augmentation device

Alien Augmentation Devices

Description: Alien Augmentation Devices come in seven varieties, each designed for a different scenario. They are unique, but fit in HUD slots 1,2 and 3, so up to. Item Database - Alien Augmentation Device - Defensive. Alien Augmentation Device - Defensive. Icon # This device has been constructed with alien. Alien Augmentation Device - Insight. Icon # This device has been constructed with alien technology to provide improved knowledge of how the mind. Alien Augmentation Device. Parts you Need. Inactive Empty Alien Augmentation Device QL This item can be found on all 3 bosses in Sector There is a. 1 Alien Augmentation Device - Combat; 2 Alien Augmentation Device - Defensive ; 3 Alien Augmentation Device - Insight; 4 Alien Augmentation Device - Medical.

ALIEN IMPLANTS - abductees have implants removed PART 4 of 4

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