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Administrative code illinois nurse practice act

The state’s duty to protect those who receive nursing care is the basis for a nursing license. Safe, competent nursing practice is grounded in the law as written in the state nurse practice act (NPA) and the state rules/regulations.

#1 Administrative code illinois nurse practice act

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Administrative code illinois nurse practice act

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Administrative code illinois nurse practice act

Current Laws and Administrative Rules

This Act may be cited as the Nurse Practice Act. (Source: P.A. , eff. ) .. Civil Administrative Code of Illinois for the administration of licensing Acts. Nurse Practice Act and Nursing Rules (LPN/RN/APRN) IMPORTANT NOTICE: Nursing Professions are now available for online renewals on!. PART NURSE PRACTICE ACT. SECTION 1) As required by the Act, all nurses shall complete continuing education as follows: . Board (see 68 Ill. Adm. Code ), shall thereafter refuse to accept for CE attendance at or Section of the Illinois Administrative Procedure Act [5 ILCS /]. Administration of Assets Obtained in Collection of a Debt, Rule (38 Ill. Adm. Code ) Illinois Architecture Practice Act of , Rule (68 Ill. Adm. Code ) Nursing Home Administrators Licensing and Disciplinary Act, Rule (68 Ill. Adm. The Illinois Nurse Practice Act does not directly or specifically reference LPNs existing Rules do provide some guidance as to the LPN providing some types of .

Introduction to Nursing Practice Nurse practice Acts

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